DPR User Manual

The DPR user manual describes how to configure and use the DPR once installed.

DPR User Manual (PDF, 9.8 MB).

Checksum Checker Manual

The Checksum Checker is a piece of software that is used to monitor the contents of the digital archive for data loss or corruption.

As part of the Digital Preservation Recorder (DPR) workflow, checksums are generated for each Archival Information Package (AIP). Checksum Checker generates a new checksum for each AIP and compares it against the stored checksum. If the checksums do not match, then the AIP is flagged as being corrupt.

The Checksum Checker Manual describes how to install and run the Checksum Checker service.

Checksum Checker Manual (PDF, 227 KB).

DPR API Documentation

Application Programming Interface documentation for the DPR.


Detailed documentation about DPR is available in the DPR SourceForge wiki. The wiki covers topics such as:

  • preparing for installation
  • building DPR from the source code
  • starting DPR
  • configuring DPR.

Reporting Bugs

No software is perfect and while we have put in our best efforts towards making sure that DPR is as good as we can make it, there are bound to be some imperfections.

You can help us find and solve them by reporting any bugs.

To view or register a bug, visit the DPR SourceForge bug tracker.

Requesting New Features

If you have any ideas which could enhance the DPR software, please submit a feature request via the DPR SourceForge feature request tracker.