Download DPR

The latest version of DPR is 6.0.0, released 31 July 2013 AEST.


You can download the latest version of DPR below.

Download DPR Now

To set up the DPR you will need to install the following related components:

  • PostgreSQL database server
  • Java 7 (i.e. Java 1.7)
  • ClamAV anti-virus software
  • Checksum Checker.

For more detail on DPR installation and configuration, refer to the DPR SourceForge wiki.

Digital Preservation Software Platform

For an effortless installation of DPR and all related components, use our Windows installer.

Download the DPR Windows installer now

Note: The installer is designed for a fresh installation of Windows, where you have not yet installed DPR or related components. You will need to install Java 7 (i.e. Java 1.7) before installing DPSP. Checksum Checker is not installed if you are upgrading from a previous version of the installer. To install Checksum Checker, re-run the installer and run 'Repair'.

The installer includes everything you need to run DPR:

  • PostgreSQL
  • ClamAV
  • Xena
  • DPR
  • Checksum Checker
  • Manifest Maker.

Please read the DPSP Quick Start Guide for more information.